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On the one hand there is the very 'heart' of the fireplace, the fireside, and on the other hand there is its 'dress', the cladding.
In the modern closed fireplace, the fireplace block is the technical part made of metal and refractory.
This is where the fire burns and from where the pipes for the smoke outlet and hot air diffusion start.
It is always advisable to purchase the fireplace block from the main manufacturing companies because they are able to offer all the necessary certifications to have a quality product and to access any tax benefits.
The cladding, instead, is the external, aesthetic part of the fireplace, which can be made of the most diverse materials (stone, marble, wood, metal, cement, ceramic, etc.).

The idea of "embracing" the fireplace with a container element rather than separating it from the rest of the furniture is particularly interesting.
It is a solution that combines appearance and practicality and offers the convenience of being able to store the wood reserve and all the accessories for fireplace maintenance indoors.
Below are two examples.
In the first, the corner fireplace is inserted in a large MDF parallelepiped, in which lighted compartments and practical cupboards have been created.
In the second example, the cladding, made of basalt stone, houses a perfectly integrated niche with opening door.

Natural Wood Frame for Fireplace, Perfectly suited to a shabby chic style.


Measurements: 120x23x95h is a brand owned by MI.LO s.r.l. - via Carpentino, 69 - Altamura (BA) - Italy.

Since 1975, Miglionico family has been trading in hardware, agricolture and gardening products; Maria and Giovanni's skills have led a small shop in Altamura to become one of the best in the city.

The family-run business has been constantly growing year by year and throughout this time the children grew up following their parents example.

In 2001, Maria passed away and during the following year the company MI.LO s.r.l. of Miglionico Saverio and Lorusso Tommaso was formed; driven by a great desire to grow and improve themselves, the aim to expand both the range of offered products and their marketplace, another priority is improving the quality of customer service in order to fulfill their needs.

In 2007, the owners bought a a shop of 250 square meters with the idea of moving the small hardware store to this new location, introducing new articles in the catalog; in addition, the company decided to invest in Christmas products, interior and exterior furnishings and in 2014 they joined the field of web sales, entirely followed by people under 25.

On 30 July 2016, the new shop was inaugurated, ist extent is over 1300 square meters, divided into three areas. Its total extension covers an area of more than 15,000 sqare meters.

The presence of three warehouses increases efficiency and speed during the preparation of their customers orders, while the showroom, with its 1000 sqare meters, gives them the opportunity to create a communicative and dynamic space, useful to communicate with local customers. The courage to invest and risk has led to the achievement of many goals.

MI.LO s.r.l., with over 40 years of experience in the sector, always in constant update and growth guarantees the highest quality of service. One of the strengths of this company is the constant ability to renew itself, which has made MI.LO s.r.l. an entrepreneurial reality in continuous growth.